Poetry, theater, music and diffusion: Evangelization in China

Beijing (Agenzia Fides) – Christmas is a part of Chinese society today, although it is often eclipsed by the consumerist aspect. Aware of this social concept of the meaning of Christmas – which is more characterized by the consumerism than by religious origins – Chinese Catholics have launched various initiatives to spread awareness and promote the true meaning of Christmas, the Christian one. Thus, the community is preparing art contests with evangelization themes, as well as sacred music concerts and Christmas music concerts, Christmas plays...All with the purpose of giving Christmas back its true meaning, amidst the colored lights, the big Christmas trees, and the constant and excessive consumerist appeals...in the name of Christmas.On December 13, the Cathedral of the Diocese of Tai Yuan organized its first Evangelization Contest, in preparation for Christmas. 28 catechists, pastoral ministers, and other lay faithful went out on the stage to show their artistic talent, in the form of poetry, prayers, and theatrical performances on themes related to evangelization, the spirit of St. Paul, Sacred Scripture, the sense of Christmas, the experience of the faith...The audience, formed by both Catholics and non-Catholics and for the most part young people, showed their approval with their roaring applauses. The parish of Fan Ga Da, in the Diocese of Xian Xian, began the Christmas Novena on December 16, with a public act, distributing information on Christmas to all passers-by. The theater group at the parish also began its Christmas Tour, performing in parishes and towns in the area. Every show is a “live catechesis on Christmas,” prepared with the assistance of the priest. A benefit event was also held for the Lourdes Oasis Rest Home. The parish of Saint Michael in Beijing, which is in the historic center and commercial area of the city, is preparing a sacred music concert for December 20. A Korean choir will join the parish choir in singing at the event. Several famous Catholic artists will also perform with their magnificent voices, in an act of praise to the Lord at this time of His Birth. (NZ) (Agenzia Fides 17/12/2008)

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