Lesson of mercy: a movie for evangelizers

A movie for Evangelizers: The Tale of Despereaux
Producer Gary Ross talks grace Rebecca Cusey
...We sat down at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica to discuss Despereaux.
The characters in Despereaux wound each other in serious ways, sometimes intentionally and sometimes not, but are all transformed by forgiveness. "These people had wounded or hurt other people or had transgressed in a way that was holding them back in their own lives," said Ross, "and only through being forgiven and forgiving could they free themselves from that." See the whole article at:
“True peace is not possible unless justice reigns....our world thirsts for peace and justice.” Benedict XVI
God chooses poverty and weakness. May we allow “the fire of love and a passion for justice to mobilise us, impelling us to go beyond feeling sorry [for the weak, the poor, the suffering] to seeking a solidarity that leads to transformation and begins with our own ongoing conversion.”
Cardinal Njue, Kenya

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