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"Use every possible media to proclaim the Good News. Good News is Truth and The Truth is Good News" Archbishop Bernard Moras told delegates at the launch of 'newsforyouth' a web portal of news in Bangalore.

Spirit is the true programmer

Some think at times that missionary effectiveness depends primarily on careful programming and its subsequent intelligent application through a concrete commitment. The Lord certainly does ask for our collaboration, but before any other response his initiative is necessary: his Spirit is the true protagonist of the Church. ” (Benedict XVI Homily, 4 June 2006).

St Peter Claver Knights Celebrate 100 years

(CNS) -- The Knights of Peter Claver, the nation's largest lay organization for African-American Catholics, will celebrate its 100th anniversary this November. The group's national chaplain, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph N. Perry of Chicago, explained the significance of the Knights and their organization's century of endurance. "Their importance stems from their origin in a different social climate, where African-Americans were not generally accepted in various clubs, organizations, or lodges of that nature," he said. In the early 20th century, black Catholics needed an alternative to secular fraternal organizations. Membership in some groups, such as Freemasonry, was forbidden by the Catholic Church, yet in many cases those groups were the only option available to black men in the age of segregation, Bishop Perry explained. The founders of the Knights of Peter Claver "wanted to create something for African-American men by way of spiritual direction (and) charity," he said. Following the organizational model of the Knights of Columbus, four Josephite priests and three laymen founded the Knights of Peter Claver in Mobile, Ala., Nov. 9, 1909, with an initial membership of 40 men. They choose as their patron St. Peter Claver, a 17th-century Jesuit priest from Spain who ministered to slaves in what is now Colombia.

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Build bridges of communication; not barriers

AMERICA/UNITED STATES - MISSION AND EMIGRATION - “La valigia con lo spago”: Lucrezia crossed the desert with her children, which the “coyote” that led them said: “The children slow you down. Leave them behind!,” but she did not leave them and she died in their arms

Rome (Agenzia Fides) - “The wall between Mexico and the United States has claimed 10,000 lives as of today. Marco, a 5-year-old, was hidden in the back of a truck, on a desert road, along with his father. He felt great thirst. He asked his dad for water, but he did not give him any. He asked another man, and another...he asked 18 men, but none of them gave him water. They all died. Every day people die. For the poor, the Visa is not easy.” This is the testimony of Enrique Morones, President and Founder of Border Angels. “We started providing water in the desert in 1996, but there is still not enough even though many organizations are working on it.”Lucrezia crossed this desert with her children: Jesus and Nora, both 7 years old. The coyote who led the group told her: “The slow you down. Leave them behind! That way you can go on your own.” But she did not leave them. Should she continue on or turn back? It was the same either way. It was the same distance. She decided to continue. And there she died in the arms of Jesus, her son and Nora, her daughter. Nora and Jesus were left alone in the desert. The border police found them. They were saved! Their grandfather traveled to the desert. His daughter had died! One body, and then another, and another, and another...and finally, there she was – his daughter. If one person alone can find so many many are there? And the 10,000, 20,000 handicapped? Inhumane! Inhumane! Inhumane! 1% are delinquents, and 99% are hard workers. We should make them legal. We are the same human race. On Sunday, Mass is celebrated in the canyon. There are vagabonds living there, hiding from the police and those who hate them. They hide, but they are the same people who take care of our fields, look after our children, build our homes. They live there because they do not have papers. They protect themselves. The Mass in the canyon is a sign of closeness, because the Lord makes us understand the love we should have towards our neighbor. Brothers and sisters. We build bridges of communication, not barriers. We offer the Word of the Gospel! We will have a better world. (Luca De Mata) (television program trailer “La valigia con lo spago”: a series of 4 programs: an investigation into migratory flows and new slavery in the world: Rai Uno July 20th , 2nd evening feature). (Agenzia Fides 15/7/2009)
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God Creator of Technology

"The solutions to the current problems of humanity cannot be merely technical, they must take account of all the needs of the person, who has a soul and a body; thus they must take account of the Creator, God. The absolute supremacy of technology, which finds its greatest expression in certain practices that run counter to life, could lead to a grim future for humankind. Acts that do not respect the true dignity of the person, even when they seem to be motivated by a 'choice of love', are in fact the fruit of 'a materialistic and mechanistic understanding of human life' which reduces love without truth to 'an empty shell, to be filled in an arbitrary way'". However complex the current situation of the world may be, the Church looks to future with hope and reminds Christians that 'announcing Christ is the first and principal factor of development'". Benedict XVI

Adopt a priest on-line for the Year of the Priesthood

ASIA/INDIA - “Adopt a priest on-line ”: Salesian campaign for the Year of the Priesthood
Bangalore (Agenzia Fides) – An example of how modern media can serve the fruitfully faith, in this case the Year of the Priesthood: Adopt a priest on-line is the title of a campaign launched by the Vishwadeep Salesian Centre in Bangalore. The campaign is proving successful, receiving on line donations from various parts of the world.It was Salesian Father T.C. George, director of the Vishwadeep Salesian Centre in Bangalore who had the idea of launching this on line adopt a priest campaign to support vocations in countries where Catholics are a small minority, exrpoessing concretely with a small personal contribution, support and concern of the universal Church, especially from lay faithful all over the world.The initiative found fertile soil with the announcement of a Year of the Priesthood, proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI. “Adoption consists praying for the priest one adopts and support him in every possible way. Through the priest Christ continues to offer every day His Sacrifice for the salvation of all humanity. Through the priest the Lord opens his merciful heart to mankind. This initiative helps lay people realise and fulfil their responsibility to support priests with concern and prayers ”, says Fr . George.Through the new media the campaign reaches across the world. The Salesians here in Bangalore hope the idea will be taken up and repeated in many other ecclesial realities, and so build a universal network of material and spiritual support for priests all over the planet: by adopting a priest we offer a service of great benefit to a ]whole community. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 8/7/2009 righe 26 parole 265) [photo by Fr Perera - not part of this article

Like St. Paul, Christians today must engage culture,

PHOTO: engaging culture
Julia, author Anne Rice, singer Jerry Stroup

Like St. Paul, Christians today must engage culture, says archbishop

NEW YORK (CNS) -- Like St. Paul, followers of Christ today must engage the culture, Archbishop Celestino Migliore said in his homily during a New York Mass celebrated June 28 to close the year of St. Paul. "What have we learned about St. Paul from this holy year?" asked the archbishop, who is the Vatican's nuncio and permanent observer to the United Nations. "The event (in Damascus gave Paul) a totally new vision of life, of his life," he said. "Looking at life with the eyes and mind of Jesus meant everything and everybody looked new to him. "Jesus trusted Paul with the highest task: to witness to him," the archbishop continued. "What can we learn from St. Paul today? Like St. Paul, we cannot ignore the forces of culture that challenge us. It is our culture; we need to engage it. ... There is no greater gift of love that exists than sharing the truth with others."

Ministry of the Laity in Evangelization

ASIA/HONG KONG - The ministry of the laity at the focus of Bishop Tong's address to newly baptized meeting for the first time after their baptism
Hong Kong (Agenzia Fides) – Better understanding the triple ministry – of prophet, priest, and king – entrusted to the laity, experiencing the communion and solidarity of the Christian community...these were some of the main topics in the gathering of over 400 newly baptized of the Diocese of Hong Kong, who recently met in the Parish of Saint Benedict. The Diocese's new Bishop John Tong gave an address explaining the triple mission entrusted to the laity with several examples from the lives of the Chinese Martyrs. At the end of the encounter, the Bishop imparted his blessing to all the newly baptized, accompanying it with a mandate to go everywhere and announce the Gospel, gathering strength from their proper and adequate formation. The Catholic Association of the Laity organized the encounter in collaboration with the Focolare Movement. On this occasion, the newly baptized were also able to visit the exhibition on the history of the Church which contains religious books, objects, etc. and attended a concert and a workshop. The gathering concluded with a pilgrimage. (NZ) (Agenzia Fides 26/5/2009)