Adopt a priest on-line for the Year of the Priesthood

ASIA/INDIA - “Adopt a priest on-line ”: Salesian campaign for the Year of the Priesthood
Bangalore (Agenzia Fides) – An example of how modern media can serve the fruitfully faith, in this case the Year of the Priesthood: Adopt a priest on-line is the title of a campaign launched by the Vishwadeep Salesian Centre in Bangalore. The campaign is proving successful, receiving on line donations from various parts of the world.It was Salesian Father T.C. George, director of the Vishwadeep Salesian Centre in Bangalore who had the idea of launching this on line adopt a priest campaign to support vocations in countries where Catholics are a small minority, exrpoessing concretely with a small personal contribution, support and concern of the universal Church, especially from lay faithful all over the world.The initiative found fertile soil with the announcement of a Year of the Priesthood, proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI. “Adoption consists praying for the priest one adopts and support him in every possible way. Through the priest Christ continues to offer every day His Sacrifice for the salvation of all humanity. Through the priest the Lord opens his merciful heart to mankind. This initiative helps lay people realise and fulfil their responsibility to support priests with concern and prayers ”, says Fr . George.Through the new media the campaign reaches across the world. The Salesians here in Bangalore hope the idea will be taken up and repeated in many other ecclesial realities, and so build a universal network of material and spiritual support for priests all over the planet: by adopting a priest we offer a service of great benefit to a ]whole community. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 8/7/2009 righe 26 parole 265) [photo by Fr Perera - not part of this article

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