Christian Communicators in the Global Village

Echoes of Blessed James Alberione from the Center for Research and Communication in Canada:
The Symbolic Way of Pierre Babin, OMI
At the dawn of a new century a new culture is developing. I would like to promote a way of communicating faith that is more in keeping with the spirit of our time: media and technologies. I would like to collaborate in the birth of the era of communications, denouncing fears and errors and proposing a new way to see the world by integrating –in a Gospel perspective- individual, group and mass media. This is a new way of Spirituality. I would like to answer the main problem of our time, the loss of our soul, the loss of our inner being. As an answer I propose a faith linked with the “global village” - the main stream media that secretly drive our world. A faith that fits with the main aspiration of our media culture and the unity of the world. I consider the new technology (Computer, Internet, radio and TV) as an historic chance to build unity in the world, for peace and common knowledge. This faith that is more linked with the media culture which is based on fundamental human desires, the drama and pleasures of humankind more than on teaching. A faith with images. A faith that considers, through new technologies, our daily suffering, fighting, solitude and fear of death allowing the culture to reach fullness of life.
Applications of the Symbolic Way.
1. To nurture a spiritual life in the media culture. 2. Creating media as a priviledged way to build the future of the world and the kingdom of God for our time. 3. After the resurrection of Jesus the first missionaries – the apostles – traveled the world to preach Jesus (oral culture) Later the printing press as used for the transmission of faith. This began a literary tradition and transmission of the faith. Now with the new technologies there is a powerful language with the capacity to reach the culture and our mind, will and heart with the Gospel message.
For the whole Symbolic Way: (translation is from the French)

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