Mother Thecla's Birthday

Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo is the co-founder of the Daughters of St. Paul. She was the first Superior General. She was also "a mother" the fledgling Society of St Paul and Sister Disciples through uplifting thoughts, prayer and through generous assistance in whatever way it was needed. She was born on February 20, 1894. She grew up in a town in Northern Italy. Her family lived by the Gospel exhortation to "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his justice." She lived the Gospel in a radical way. Her trust was total as she worked along side of Blessed James Alberione in a very new apostolate of the press and media. Her self-gift to God was total - though joys and sorrows, tears and laughter. The belief that God will give us all that we need sustained her. She reminded us often: "the rest will be given to you!" She offered her life for the holiness of everyone in the Pauline Family.  (Photo: Mother Paula Cordero, Blessed James Alberione, Mother Thecla Merlo).

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