What we ask of governing servants is the freedom to make a difference.

A few years ago I read the words of a wise  person who realized that politics will not save us. This person suggested our living Christian lives will change those confused by the new normal that is a detriment to the true self-gift. Who are we called to be? As Christians we are baptised into Christ to be the difference. Will our vote make the difference? It will make a difference but THE difference is made by our life, our reaching out, our tapping into the saving power of Christ the Way to Truth and Life. I am praying each day that I may know God's desire for me to make a difference in someone's life. I accept my imperfections and the struggles of others. I am loved. They are loved. To be present to one life, those near me, one life at a time, born and unborn, old and young. We ask this from our governing servants - the freedom to make a difference.

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