Evangelization: You Can't Opt Out

by Owen Phelps, Ph.D., Director, Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute


Certainly not all of us are called to preach from pulpits, street corners, TV studios or on internet blogs. But all of us shape people's perceptions about Christ, Christianity and Catholicism in everything we do -- or fail to do.
In this Year of Faith, that's something to contemplate as we strive to be Jesus-like leaders at home, at work and in our communities.   
There are a few things in life where we really don't have any choice.

One is communications. We cannot choose to "not communicate" and think that's the end of our interaction with someone. When we shut up, people ascribe meaning to our silence. As my wife told me once, "You're giving me the silent treatment." And yes, I guess I was.

Another is leadership. It's not a task that we can pick up or put down when we choose. Intentional leadership occurs whenever anyone influences anyone else. But unintentional leadership occurs all the time too -- and sometimes it is more powerful than our conscious attempts to lead. Some examples:

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