Prayer in a Digital Age

Prayer of an Evangelizer in the Digital Age
Oh, Lord my God and my Creator, source of all things, I adore you and offer you each breath, each heart beat, each drop of blood that flows in my body, each moment as an act of love and surrender, in abandonment to you for your glory and the salvation of all people.

You are my Father and Savior. You are all good, merciful, compassionate, tender, passionate Lover of all humankind. You can do all things and you care for all your creatures. You have led people to discover the secrets of creation, especially in the media of social communication with their wondrous capacity of reaching out to the whole world in split seconds. And you have called me, [ as a Daughter of St. Paul,] to be an apostle in this digital age. Through the electronic signals I can send a message of love: I can send the message of Jesus who is Truth, Way, Life. You have called me to be a beam, a little signal shooting out to the universe, carrying Jesus and the message of his Father’s love for us all. This beam, this signal, runs through the atmosphere and consecrates the air and the electronic waves as it circles the earth in a never ending way that enables the Holy Gospel to reach millions upon millions of your sons and daughters in all the nations of the earth. We fulfill, in ways unknown to other generations, your command to “go out to the whole world and tell the Good News!”

I offer you, in union with Jesus through whom you created the universe, each fiber of paper, each pixel of the computer, each and every transmission generated by mankind’s ingenuity through these devices; each sound, each image. I offer every atom of all that exists back to you as acts of love and gratitude for the praise of your glory and the good of the vast human family.

Bless me and receive my love and gratitude, my promise to respect and use the communications media only for your glory and the salvation of everyone. Amen.
Written by Sr. Sharon Anne Legere, fsp, August 1, 2010

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