Gospel in Everyone's Hearts

There is a new "movement" in the 21st century that is just developing. Pope Benedict speaks about it as well. It is the understanding that not only are we able to grow but that our growth as humans calls us to greater solidarity (from I to we or I-Thou), self-giving (emptying of self ), recognition that the indwelling Spirit- love has been poured into our hearts (Romans). The broader message of this movement has Christian overtones and sounds new since it is bringing the language of deeper spiritual life and practice, ie. dying to self, and loving others as yourself, into the common arena.

This message is something we already have as a gift. Maybe when it becomes a movement in the Western world more people will remember that it has been there all along. We will be called upon to speak of what we already know and take the basket off of the burning light of the gospel so that all can see and rejoice.

"From its origins, Christian people have clearly recognized the importance of communicating the Good News of Jesus to those who do not yet know Him. In recent years the anthropological, cultural, social and religious framework of humanity has changed; today the Church is called to face new challenges and is ready to dialogue with different cultures and religions, seeking ways to build peaceful coexistence, along with all people of good will. The field of the 'ad gentes' mission appears much broader today, and can no longer to be defined on the basis of geographic considerations alone. Indeed, it is not only non-Christian peoples and distant lands that await us, but also social and cultural milieux and, above all, human hearts which are the real goal of the missionary activity of the People of God." Benedict XVI

Preparation for the new evangelization is prayer, silent contemplation, going out toward others. Prayer is of the heart, in the Liturgy, in the home, with words, with praise, with petition. Silent contemplation is centering prayer, can begin with the rosary, may be sitting and waiting on the hands of our Master, Jesus. Going out towards others is being there with others without judgement, treating others as we treat ourselves, visiting the sick, the imprisoned. Living the gospels through the gift of grace through Jesus in the Spirit is evangelization. In the gospels we will find all of the instructions for facing the new challenges and entering into dialogue with others in the various ways we encounter each other today.

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