Mary, Queen of the Apostles of All Times

Mary, the valiant woman was in the very heart of the Pentecostal community and assumed the responsibility of the children of God as their “Mother, Teacher and Queen.”  The biblical inspiration was drawn by preference from Luke, the more “Pauline” and “Marian” of the Gospels and from two specific episodes in the New Testament: Mary’s investiture at the foot of the cross, as mother of the world in (Jn 19:25-27) and her prayerful presence in the Cenacle, in the midst of the Apostles in expectation of the Holy Spirit (Act 1:13-14).

“The first devotion that we find in the Church,” Blessed James Alberione loved to say, “is the devotion is the devotion to the Queen of the Apostles, as portrayed in the Cenacle.” Noting that this devotion had “diminished and been neglected in the past” his exhortation was: “Yours is the sweet task of rallying the faithful around Mary Queen of the Apostles; yours, to re-awaken this devotion; yours, to carry out this most pleasant office in the Church.” This means “to reawaken apostolates, stir up vocations.” And he concluded forcefully: “Let us return to the source. At the source we shall find Mary, Queen of the Apostles.”
 ------------------------------------------------------------- reflection on New Apostles, New Pentecost, New Evangelization

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