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Everybody seems to be spiritual these days — from your college roommate, to the person in the office cubicle next to yours, to every other celebrity interviewed. But if “spiritual” is fashionable, “religious” is unfashionable. This is usually expressed as follow: “I’m spiritual but just not religious.” It’s even referred to by the acronym SBNR.

The thinking goes like this: being “religious” means abiding by arcane rules and hidebound dogmas, and being the tool of an oppressive institution that doesn’t allow you to think for yourself. (Which would have surprised many thinking believers, like St. Thomas Aquinas, Moses Maimonides, Dorothy Day and Reinhold Niebuhr.)

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Spiritual but not religious — Not so fast! - Busted Halo 


tillytoo9 said...

When I hear that I think of .......I don't go to church or pray at dinner but I believe in God.

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

To live fully human and fully in Christ Way, Truth and Life is to live Way - how Jesus lived (prayer, synagogue, temple, keep holy the Sabbath), Truth - fidelity to the Father (commandments,love God above all, love your neighbor as you love yourself)and Life (sacraments: baptised into Christ, Confirmed in the Spirit, Eucharist body of Christ [Church], reconciled [confession]...Grace.