Laity in the Apostolate

Any takers for this in the United States? by Paulines?

OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Laity taking on roles in apostolate, inspired by Saint Ignatius

Sydney (Agenzia Fides) – A special program of study and training to lay people dedicated to making them protagonists of the apostolate: this is the initiative launched in 2010 by the Jesuits in Australia, aimed at strengthening the role and activity of the laity in pastoral and evangelization. "The laity are fundamental to the Christian presence and proclamation of the Gospel in society and secular structures. They need to understand their role better and become effective evangelists," overcoming resistance and shyness, the Jesuits in Australia tell Fides.

The program will focus on the figure of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, as a model and reference point for spiritual formation lived in the world and being ready to be a missionary. "Ignatius made his journey in life: each of us is called to do the same, according to the mission God has entrusted to him," says Martin Scroop, Director of the Loyola Institute, in presenting the training program.

The program will be open to the different provinces in Australia, involving many religious, theologians, and members of local churches. There is also a part of "field training,” with specific public missionary initiatives in several cities. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 5/01/2009)


Rae said...

The Saint Catherine of Siena Institute is doing great work in this area already in the US. I would love for every Pauline Cooperator to take a Called and Gifted workshop, or one of their other discipleship workshops. I took one last spring in Chicago and it has changed my life. Cooperators Win and Therese from Singapore took a week-long workshop in between the DSP Media Literacy workshop and National Film Retreat this summer. This is a fantastic program - highly recommended, and very relevant to our Pauline mission.

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

Thanks Rae, I think I will attend the one coming this way in February and see what it is all about. I will post it in our "newsletter" soon as well as Sr Rose's next offer for a Media Workshop (I did attend that for a week - excellent).