How to Proclaim the Gospel in Your Daily Life

Mr. John Boucher, Director of the Office of Evangelization and Parish Development for the  Diocese of Trenton offfers this handout to reflect on how we can move from "Cowards to Proclaimers.

Thanks to the Paulist National Catholic Evangelization Association


Lisa said...

It would be awesome to have a team of Daughters come to the Trenton Diocese for an evangelization workshop or something like that :)

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

Thank you Lisa, great invitation. I am giving a conference in Cape May in 2009 - hopefully from that experience we could create a workshop for the Trenton Diocese. Do you know who to contact?

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

make that conference in 2010! April 2010 to be precise. Information is found on Association of Pauline Cooperators facebook