The Word of God is Living and Active

Video ads to printed page
By Kenneth Li in New York

When some readers of Entertainment Weekly open their magazines next month, they will discover characters from US television programmes speaking to them from a wafer-thin video screen built into the page. The marketing experiment – which is being conducted by CBS, the US broadcaster, and Pepsi, the soft drinks maker – recalls the fantasy newspapers of the Harry Potter films and works much like a singing greetings card, with the video starting once a reader turns the appropriate page.
Where does the printed page already speak to us, complete with visual? God's Word is constantly speaking to us in human events - all creation speaks of God's presence. Blessed James Alberione, founder of the Pauline family,  invites us to pray the news - to let the words on a page leap to life, to remember that televison broadcast is just a screen...for Paulines all comes to life in prayer and gives life through the gospel - apostolate. Of St Paul Alberione wrote: "His writings are eduring monuments, beams of light that are inextinquisable."

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