Five Steps for Evangelizing Culture

1. Begin with a life of prayer - a rhytmn that is open to transendence through meditation, contemplation, private prayer, liturgical prayer and especially the Liturgy.
2. Where are conversations taking place today? Culture is created as a network and the gospel is the message for that network. Where is the new Areopagus? Be there.
3. Read - the great encyclicals, Catholic classics, Catholic fiction, watch movies - follow the blogs:  see listing of media blogs and media sites
4. Build relationships in the family, in the neighborhood, in the community, in the parish. In other words practice and live communio - communion of life in the Body of Christ.
5. Mission. What are our culture's values? Life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. How do we re-express these values with the gospel?

Thanks to Cardinal's George's article on Evangelizing our culture for giving cues for these five points.

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