Awakening Faith Resources

Awakening Faith, Reconnecting with Your Catholic Faith, is a small group process that helps inactive Catholics return to the Church. The group meets once a week for six weeks of conversation and socializing. The conversations are based on short, easy to read essays about spirituality, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God’s mercy, the Mass, and the Church. The meetings foster reflection, prayer, and honest sharing in a setting of hospitality and acceptance.

Three free Awakening Faith aides are attached for your immediate use:
1. Implementing Awakening Faith during Lent/Easter 2009*
2. Six Reasons to Think About Reconnecting with Your Catholic Faith* (to be printed on the back of the Awakening Faith invitation flyers your parish creates with the Parish Flyer template that is on the Awakening Faith Parish Manual CD)
3. Copies of the the Awakening Faith Prayer that can be reproduced and distributed widely: (Prayer for Awakening Faith (black and white) and Prayer for Awakening Faith (color).
*Requires Adobe Reader 9.0 to open.

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