Dangerous Illusions

"The fast pace of party politics, and the illusion that politics rules the 'commanding heights' of our society and can fulfill our Christian social obligations, makes political life very addictive," he said. "And this illusion gets dangerous when defending the unborn child is too closely identified with any particular politician or, even worse, one specific party."The more pro-lifers tie themselves to a single political party, the less they can speak to society at large," Archbishop Chaput said. "In the United States, Catholics -- both on the right and the left -- have too often made the mistake of becoming cheerleaders for a specific candidate."

Charles Chaput was born in Concordia, Kansas, to Joseph and Marian Helen (née DeMarais) Chaput. His father was a French Canadian directly descended from King Louis IX, and his mother was a Native American of the Potawatomi tribe; his maternal grandmother was the last member of the family to live on a reservation and Chaput himself was enrolled in the tribe at a young age.

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