Evangelization: we are called to offer the world

In chapter five of the Letter to the Romans, "St. Paul describes his missionary work among the peoples of the world to construct the universal Church as a priestly activity; the goal of missionary activity is, we could say, cosmic liturgy: that all people united in Christ - the world - may become glory of God. The self-giving of Christ, implies the tendency to attract everyone to the communion of His Body, to unite the world. Only in communion with Christ - the model Man, one with God - can the world become as all of us would desire it: a mirror of divine love. This dynamism is ever present in the Eucharist, this dynamism must inspire and shape our lives". Pope Benedict XVI

"The first feature of the good Pastor is to know their sheep (Jn 10:14). The Pauline family has an enormous opening onto the whole world, and in its whole apostolate...Its aspirations are those of the heart of Jesus. With Mary's eucharistic spirit we must implore everything from Jesus, the Divine Master, present in the Host."
Blessed James Alberione

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