A Space to Explore Evangelization Pauline Style

Recently one of our sisters sent around an e-mail about the Vatican opening a new bookstore. The description given is similar to the Pauline charismatic view of evangelization:

"This new bookstore is offered as a place of evangelization and authentic human promotion, providing texts and publications that respond to the expectations, demands and challenges of contemporary culture. This is what makes the required economic and human investment worth it -- with the sole intention of rendering an eminently pastoral service, in close and convinced collaboration with the ministry of Peter. The bookstore can serve as a sounding board for the divine Word -- effective, creative and saving to give voice to Catholic culture so that it can influence the fabric of today's humanity."In constructing cathedrals and basilicas, our fathers wanted to transmit the faith they had received.Today, along with places of worship, it is good that places to spread the truth are also developed, spaces of seeking and going deeper into the Christian message incarnated in society so that it is spread and penetrates the world." Cardinal Bertone

Similarly this new blog space will explore the thought of Blessed James Alberione in the Pauline Charism of Evangelization as a place for us to "seek and go deeper into the Christian message incarnated in society."

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