Evangelization in Text and Context

It was Pierre Babin who said regarding the language of the communication culture: “We no longer speak of text but of context.” Our media culture invites us to put all that we do in context. Text is the means. Context is how we place the means in a framework and how we prepare the environment to tell the whole story of faith – so that the transforming gospel reaches the whole person, mind, will and heart.

As Paulines our context includes the place we meet people, how we prepare to meet people, how we present the message to people, and most of all, who we are. Not only do we provide hope through our publications and media (text) we especially provide hope through our very lives and through the framework of our encounter (context).

sr margaret

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John said...

Idea of Text and Context are useful. I think the context of our own lives must be the most powerful - and most foundational - context if the receivers are going to be able to perceive Christ in the other contexts.
John H.